The Demon Lords of Balor

Reclaiming Castle Duncan.
reclaiming castle duncan dungeons and dragons

Our adventurers known as:
Adrik Rockhelm, the Dwarf Fighter.
Sindrallic the Human Ranger.
and their shifty companion Perisard, a Black cloaked, sickle wielding Human Wizard.

Location: Valley, West of Duncan Castle.

- While resting in a valley, relaxing as the sun was setting became startled as a boy ran out from the tree line, towards them, from the east.

The adventurers rushed to the boys aid, noticing a wound below his ribs, and his badly sprained ankle.
With their backs turned against the thin forest a group a armed guards, draped in an unknown tabard, Halting for merely a moment, once they noticed the boy, then began to attack the adventurers without hesitation.
Adrik Rushed into the thick of the battle, and immediately got dropped unconscious after the first round, though he was assisted and tended to by Sindrallic.
While this was happening the boy, who thought he was in the protective grace of one Perisard, was struck down to a pile a ash by the wizards Scorching Burst.
The attack lashed out and shredded the base of a large tree, in which the boy was placed against to rest, and toppled down and crushing the devious Wizards body.
Adrik and Sindrallic felt no remorse for the Wizards demise, ignored the pile of cindering ash, dispatched the handful of soldiers, and run into the forest in a mischievous pursuit brought fourth only by their brief encounter with some random boy seeking rescue from a yet unknown threat.

Resting behind some trees, near a small river, Adrik and Sindrallic spot a small patrol of soldiers, much to the appearance of the previous men they fought earlier. Noticing that they were distracted, Adrik leaped over the river to ambush the men; but fell short, splashing onto the river bank and alerting the patrol to his presence.
Sindrallic stayed hidden in cover across the river and supported Adrik with his archery skills. They dispatched these soldiers as well.
It wasn’t pretty, but it worked.

After the scuffle, a trail was noticed that led to a well traveled dirt road scarred with deep tracks of many a man, horse and carriage. The Adventurers followed this road north, from the tree line, until they came upon the sight of a castle and a small town below it, surrounded by a thick stone wall. The road lead up to the stone wall, over a small bridge, up to a set of steel game that have been smash in, revealing the buildings and homes of the small town, though no one could be seen.

Adrik Rockhelm and Sindrallic, the Hunter proceeded cautiously in past the gates observing each structure as they pass.

Location: Duncan Castle, Town Area.

- Our Adventurers stroll pass numerous corpses, that mostly of common dressed folk and very very few dressed in the garb of the soldiers and guards they have slain throughout the evening. buildings and homes are flickering with the small flames that have not yet burnt out.

They see a small forge still illuminating with red hot coals, set outside a small hut that seems quite intact compared to the rest of the town.
They cautiously enter.
Inside, Adrik takes notice to a the sound of floor boards creaking, behind stacked up wooden planks, in the back corner of the hut.
Adrik Rockhlem steps forward, as Sindrallic places an arrow in his bow and draws back slightly on its string.
Before Adrik could attempt to throw aside the planks, a stout, hairy, sweaty man rushed out pointing a dagger down at Adrik’s forehead.
Sindrallic’s string drew tighter.
The Man appeared hesitant, slightly lowering his dagger, then quietly spoke “They’re not wearing the same armor?..” as if speaking to himself. Adrik and Sindrallic hear his mumbled words and respond *We’re not one of the soldiers. We can only assume the ones’ who attacked us are the same ones’ who attacked your town."
– The man introduces himself as the towns blacksmith. He claims he was the one who constructed the towns gates, and any force to bust that down was a force he didn’t want to get in the way of, so he hid. Despite his cowardliness, he offers to put his craft to work and upgrade the adventurers weapons, putting steel knobs around the top of Adrik’s mace, and replacing Sindrallic’s copper arrowheads with molded steel arrowheads.
– The Adventurers exit the blacksmiths’, upon offer of him staying hidden inside his hut, but quickly encounter 2 patrol guards, wearing the same tabard of their previous foes.
Our Adventurers had no means of avoiding the guards, and they did not want the patrol to alert anyone of their presence, so straight out of the door our Adventurers attacked the patrol and easily overcame them.
The Adventurers retraced the foot steps of the patrol they just slew, which led them to the large iron gate that should lead them to the Castle entrance, but instead led them to a sight of the corpses of the townsfolk and Castle guards slew about. Several of the guards were propped up on the gate spikes and some were left hung from rope. Adrik and Sindrallic turned their heads away and proceeded to walk past until they started to hear the faint sounds of a woman barely holding on to life. The Adventurers tended to her wounds and escorted her to the blacksmiths for save keeping, but she offered in return to travel to a neighboring town to spread word of this unknown army who attacked their town. Once the revived woman and the blacksmith made their way pass the town walls, Adrik and Sindrallic hurried back to the Castle gates and find a way inside.
Once past the gate, the Adventurers followed a path leading around a corner, in which the overheard more the half a dozen voice talking over each other, Sindrallics’ hunter instincts warned him of the sounds of two, possibly three, footsteps coming towards them. Rather then risking a huge confrontation; the Adventurers looked around a noticed a sewer entrance to the left and a cellar door to the right. Adrik Rockhelm grabbed Sindrallic by the shoulder and nudged him towards the cellar door but before Sindrallic could even notice the door was locked, Adrik smashed the lock pad off, opened the door and tossed Sindrallic inside and then hopped in himself; closing the cellar doors just as he noticed several sets of feet walk on by.

Location: Duncan Castle, Dungeon Area.

The cellar’s door lead into a dimly lit dungeon lined with stone walls and empty cells. The Adventurers crept through the dungeon halls, seemingly lost, until they heard quiet laughter in the darkness. After having yet another hall of cell lead them to a dead end, they hear laughter echo from another hall and they spot a trail of claw marks being dragged around the dirt and walls, and torches seem to be broken off and put out on the ground. An overwhelming stench halts them as a pair of gleaming eyes are revealed, from the darkness, at the end of this eerie hall.

A figure of pale skin and tattered clothing, along with a disfigured face, leaps out at the adventurers, slashing at Adrik and then disappears into thin air just before being pierced by one of Sindrallics’ arrow heads.
The very brief encounter left an image of possibly the Castles Court Jester, though it still was questionable if this gruesome figure could pass as a human.
Sindrallic picked up one of the torches on the ground, reignited it, and attempted to peer down at the end of the hall. An intense order filled his nostrils as he thought he seen a mound of excrement and torsos. As Sindrallic partly passed by the last cell of the hall, with the bright torchlight illuminating the darkness, a loud screech echoed out as the grimy-frail man leaped out biting at Sindrallics’ neck, pushing him up against the opposing cell door. Adrik rushed forward smashing the head of his mace into it’s spine, letting it slumped to the ground and twitch uncontrollably until the figure eventually died.
A quick inspection concluded the fact that this corpse was indeed that of the Castles Jester. The appearance of its tattered clothing and the stench exerting from him as well as the very noticeable difference of its widened emerald eyes, compared to what should of once been normal human eyes, leaves an question of how long the Court Jester has been down here. Another question is that of whether anyone even knew he was down here.
Adrik and Sindrallic sifted though the human remains and prodded the heap of excrement, that the Jester seeminly guarded, and pulled out the midsection of what seems to be wearing the garb of the Castles Warden. Very noticeable, dangling from the belt, were a set of rusted keys that could no doubt prove useful.
The Adventurers ran through the halls of the prison chamber until they finally came to a large wooden door, framed with steel, along with a medium size iron padlock. Sindrallic inserted a key, turned it, and heard a disheartening crunch and crumble. He pulled out the key only to notice that most of it was broken off. A second later the iron padlock fell to the floor in pieces, letting the thick door slowly and slightly creek open. Laughter bellows out of the Adventurers, now making their way up the stairs leading to the main hallway entrance of the Castle. To your left bolds a smouldering shattered Door. Ahead leads down a hallway and to their right climbs a wide spiralling set of steps.

Location: Duncan Castle, Main Hall.

The Party Paces themselves while ascending the staircase, gliding your hands slightly amongst the golden inlay of the staircase handrail. Paintings decorate high up and along the walls; scaling from a few feet to some as large as a small pond.


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